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Friends Name AI Photo Editing Prompt- Friends, you know these friendship reels are going viral.   Which has some people doing poetry, which has some poetry videos, which has some poetry videos.   What people do in this, they also put their mind into it.   You see what people do, turn it into a reel, and then post it on Instagram.   As you can see, in this article we will teach you how you can create a special post for your friends.   In which there will be understanding between you and your friend.   In which your name will be written and your friend's name will be written.   This thing is very good.   Many people are converting their videos and posting them on Instagram.   I will tell you how to convert videos.


1 Prompt:-  a real 18 year boy walking on a beautiful road and one boy wearing a red with name “Omkar”Clear written black tshirt and next another boy wearing a white tshirt with name “Saurabh”clear written on it bold latters in t-shirt and both are looking so cute, handsome,sunglasses with watch, background have some coconut tree, some plants, full blaring green background 16k ultra quality images



2 Prompt:- Two young men each wearing sunglasses and earphones, are giving each other a high-five in the middle of a street. The one on the left is in a blue hoodie with the bold letter V has a black backpack. The one on the right is in a red hoodie with the letter S along with white text that reads FRIENDS and has a blue backpack. Both are dressed in casual athletic wear and are smiling at each other. The background features a street scene with blurred figures and buildings, 3d picture


3 Prompt:- stylish pose. beautiful gira water flow in white, with nikon  camera. 20 years old boys wearing Dark red long t-shirt, DIPU All the boys have different names written on their T-shirts like Saurabh , Omkar , Pavan , Adi , ANKIT He is looking so cute, indian, stylish, and smart, smiling. some boy in back, full Blaring background, 4k high quality.


4 Prompt:- A real 18 old indian boy is sitting on a road and next to him Another real 18 year old indian boy is standing with his hand on his head and blessing him both wearing black T–shirt the first boy shirt has Saurabh Printed on it bold latters and the other boy has a shirt with Adi written on it bold latters both are smiling white shoes watch ,bracelet ear butts stylish hair necklace green blurry flelds in the background 16k quality image


5 Prompt:- Create a 3d realistic image in which two 18 year old boys are sitting on a bench in a park and both are watching a  video on a mobile with earphones on. And both are wearing hoodies of the same color and their names are written on them – Saurabh and Omkar. After that, the photo that will be taken will be completely realistic in full HD, they are wearing sunglasses.




• How To Create Ai Images 

1. Is creating an image from this a big issue or not, because we can easily create an image from it. First, you have to specify what type of image you want to create and from which frame.

2. After that, what you need to do is copy it, choose how you want to copy, and then copy it.

3. After that, you need to go to a website named Bing Image Creator. Once there, you have to use the prompt.

4. First, you have to change your name and your partner's name.

5. Then the images you create will be ready, and you can use them in your editing.

• How to Maximize Your Daily Limit of 15 Coins 

1. Repeat the process: For each image you want to create, repeat the process up to a maximum of 15 images per day.

2. Manage Coins: Keep track of the number of coins you have used. Once you complete your 15 coins for the day, you have to wait 24 hours to get 15 coins to create the next image.

3. Wait for coins refill: After reaching the daily limit, wait 24 hours for your coins balance to reset and allocate another 15 coins.

• You Can Watch This Tutorial On Our Youtube 



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