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Gaming Studio Name AI Photo Editing - You know people who are involved in business from the beginning, they dream of things like some people play games, that is, people who play PUBG Free Fire, their mind is in it. They want a studio that has almost everything to play games, like a big PC with a big name written on it. All the things like their chair should be there.


If you want to do this, first of all you have to make a demo that includes all the things you need. If you have money, do it now. First of all see what kind of things you can decorate in it? How can you do this, today I will teach you editing.  In which you can create photos for your studio.


Prompt 1:- Create A 3D Realistic image of a Boy sitting in gaming room on gaming chair and playing on Free Fire application on his pc. The boy must wear dark yellow hoodie headphones And his name “Saurabh Patil” is Written on the wall with yellow colour neon light.



Prompt 2:- A real 20 years old Indian beautiful girl and boy sits in a black and red gaming chair with yellow accents, wearing a sky blue and white shoes. Behind him is a desk with a computer monitor displaying the word “Vai... & Saurabh STUDIO” in large, bold letters. The room has a sleek, modern design with a grey wall and floor, and there’s a gaming trophy on the desk next to the girl and boy.looking indian pretty, smiling and stylish hair,stylish black hair 32k ultra quality image




Prompt 3:- A man is playing Pubg mobile game in game centre in mobile, wearing a jersey kit number 08, his “Saurabh”written on his jersey




• How To Create Ai Images 

1. Is creating an image from this a big issue or not, because we can easily create an image from it. First, you have to specify what type of image you want to create and from which frame.

2. After that, what you need to do is copy it, choose how you want to copy, and then copy it.

3. After that, you need to go to a website named Bing Image Creator. Once there, you have to use the prompt.

4. First, you have to change your name and your partner's name.

5. Then the images you create will be ready, and you can use them in your editing.

How to Maximize Your Daily Limit of 15 Coins 

1. Repeat the process: For each image you want to create, repeat the process up to a maximum of 15 images per day.

2. Manage Coins: Keep track of the number of coins you have used. Once you complete your 15 coins for the day, you have to wait 24 hours to get 15 coins to create the next image.

3. Wait for coins refill: After reaching the daily limit, wait 24 hours for your coins balance to reset and allocate another 15 coins.

• You can watch this tutorial on our Youtube 



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