Top 5 Wing Name Ai Images Editing Prompt

Top 5 Wing Name AI Photo Editing Prompts - I teach photo editing with AI and there are people who love it. Like if you edited a photo from the wing or edited some photos for your DP. This is an image that many people love. It means that when I come up with something different, people really like it. Check out this article today. Today I am here with Wing Editing. I have referred many of your articles to this. In which many types of editing are taught. People are very interested in it. They think this edit looks cool because it has a name behind it. People like it because it looks like it has wings.


1 Prompt:-  Create a stunning 3D profile picture where a young man (around 20 years old) with a charming smile sits casually on a velvet wingback chair. Dressed in a crisp kurta and white sneakers, he gazes confidently into the distance. Behind him, a vibrant blue neon sign spells out “Saurabh” in a bold, futuristic font against a deep charcole wall. scene is bathed in a warm, ethereal glow, highlighting his angelic presence with subtle, feathery wings.


2 Prompt:- Create a 3D illusion for a profile picture where a cute 25 year old boy in a yellow jacket is sitting comfortably on a King of Beasts throne chair. With a rifle in his hand. And a ferocious lion beside me. Wearing sneakers, he looks ahead. ” Saurabh ” is written in large, orange neon light font on the dark brown wall in the background. He has no shadow and also has wings to make it look like he is an angel.


3 Prompt:- create realistic image A 21 year old Boy is sitting on a king chair with white wings and behind him the color of the wall is gray on which “Saurabh” is written in curve style, sun glass


4 Prompt:- Create realstic image a 20 year old attitude boy is sitting on a king chair with golden wings and behim him the colour of the wall is gray on which ” Saurabh ” Written in curve style


5 Prompt:- a reality profile pic 20 year old attitude boy sunglasses and mask, sitting stylish poes on chair, with full green wings, chair side sitting on Black panther with roar, boy wearing white T-shirt Black coat and Black jeans, background wall gray, with background wall written name “Saurabh” big and capital yellow neon lighting, the floor dangerous smoke,




• How To Create Ai Images 

1. Is creating an image from this a big issue or not, because we can easily create an image from it. First, you have to specify what type of image you want to create and from which frame.

2. After that, what you need to do is copy it, choose how you want to copy, and then copy it.

3. After that, you need to go to a website named Bing Image Creator. Once there, you have to use the prompt.

4. First, you have to change your name and your partner's name.

5. Then the images you create will be ready, and you can use them in your editing.

• How to Maximize Your Daily Limit of 15 Coins 

1. Repeat the process: For each image you want to create, repeat the process up to a maximum of 15 images per day.

2. Manage Coins: Keep track of the number of coins you have used. Once you complete your 15 coins for the day, you have to wait 24 hours to get 15 coins to create the next image.

3. Wait for coins refill: After reaching the daily limit, wait 24 hours for your coins balance to reset and allocate another 15 coins.

• You Can Watch This Tutorial On Our Youtube 



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