Bike lover ai photo editing prompt 2024

Bike Lover I Photo Editing - See, nowadays people like bikes a lot and what is the reason for liking them? I will tell you, see, there is a lot of craze for it on social media. If you see it on Instagram, it is becoming quite viral there. If someone rides a bike, what does he do? He uploads his video by editing it a little and doing some action. People like the videos of what he does. We thought that such bikers would definitely like photos too. Many people also say that bring editing for this, then I decided. Here you will find couples bike editing and normal bike editing. Like I will also teach that editing to a normal boy or girl.

Bike Lovers Ai Photo Editing 

Editing in this will be that first you will be taught winged editing. Which has gone viral the most. Like having a wing on the back. There should be a line sitting with him. This edit is normal, the second one is a very smart boy and he has a super bike, this edit is the third and I will teach you editing for couples and another couple, that is editing for two couples. If you want to do both, you can do that too. You can put someone's name in it. Can drop his name and both of those edits are also quite amazing. Looks completely realistic. You will definitely feel it once you see it. It is a realistic image of someone but it is a generated image.


AI photo editing prompt 

1 Prompt:-  Create a 3D illustration for a profile picture where a 18 year old boy in a red jacket sitting casually on a racing bike. With a rifle on hand. and a ferocious Lion by my side. Wearning sneakers, He looks ahead. The background features ” Saurabh” in big and capital white neon light fonts on the dark grey wall. There should not be his shadow, and there are white wings to make it appear as if he is angel



2 Prompt:- A real 16 years old indian beautiful couple sitting on super bike, looking each other’s, with pulling hands, beautiful dancing fountain in back, littel down in your wast, beautiful flowers in park. boy wearing white and blue shirt with name ” Saurab “Clearly bold latter written on shirt.girl wearing white, blue and orange colour kurti, with smart watch. She is looking so Pretty, cute, indian, laughing, stylish hear, necklace. High quality 4k pictures, full Blaring background.


3 Prompt:- 3D illustration of a 46 Indian man with short hair and wearing glasses riding a Suzuki Intruder realistic bike.   Black pants and jacket with the name "Saurabh" in large and capital yellow font on a dark gray wall.  Pairing a Rolex watch with black sneaker shoes and jeanswear.


4 Prompt:- realistic indian 22-Year-old cute Couple sitting with super bike chest to chest kiss with road side on a . Boy Wearing black hoodie jeans with shoes with, and girl wearing white school uniform with white shoes, with, he looks ahead. The background road side many students smile features “Saurabh & Vai...” in big and capital fonts on the big road . and there are many to make it appear as if he is an.ultra details, hyperrealist, 4k


5 Prompt:-Indian biggest park background, and 20 year old wearing sky blue and white Casual shirt, laxuary one handwatch, laxury glasses, medium beatiful hair, sitting on realistic super bike of side, with name “Saurabh ” Write on Number plate, 3d art paiting realistic photo”




• How To Create Ai Images 

1. Is creating an image from this a big issue or not, because we can easily create an image from it. First, you have to specify what type of image you want to create and from which frame.

2. After that, what you need to do is copy it, choose how you want to copy, and then copy it.

3. After that, you need to go to a website named Bing Image Creator. Once there, you have to use the prompt.

4. First, you have to change your name and your partner's name.

5. Then the images you create will be ready, and you can use them in your editing.

• How to Maximize Your Daily Limit of 15 Coins 

1. Repeat the process: For each image you want to create, repeat the process up to a maximum of 15 images per day.

2. Manage Coins: Keep track of the number of coins you have used. Once you complete your 15 coins for the day, you have to wait 24 hours to get 15 coins to create the next image.

3. Wait for coins refill: After reaching the daily limit, wait 24 hours for your coins balance to reset and allocate another 15 coins.

• You Can Watch This Tutorial On Our Youtube 



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