What is Hamster kombat in Telegram?

Guys, Hamster Coin which is in a lot of trading, you must have seen it on Instagram Reels, many people are earning a lot of money by touching this coin, you can also earn a lot of money by using this coin

How To Use Hamster Coin 

1. You will see a Hamster Coin button below, you have to click on this button, after clicking you will come to Telegram

2. Find a bot or service: Find a Telegram bot or a service that supports Hamster Coin transactions. Some bots are designed to facilitate in-app cryptocurrency transactions.

3. Start the bot: Once you find the bot, start it by clicking the "Start" button in the chat window. This will start a conversation with the bot.

4. Register or connect a wallet: The bot may ask you to register or connect your cryptocurrency wallet. Follow the bot's instructions to link your Hamster Coin wallet. You will need to provide your wallet address or scan the QR code.

5. Deposit Hamster Coins: If necessary, deposit Hamster Coins to the wallet associated with the bot. This usually involves sending hamster coins from your external wallet to the bot's given address.

6. Use the bot's features: Depending on the bot, you can: Send Hamster Coins to other users: Use a command like 'send' followed by the recipient's username and amount. Check Balance: Use a command like balance to see how much Hamster Coin you have. Get Hamster Coins: If someone wants to send you Hamster Coins, give them your wallet address.

7. Follow safety practices: Check reviews and community feedback to make sure you're using a reputable bot. Never share your private keys or sensitive information.

An example of using a bot 

1. Search for a bot like "@CryptoWalletBot" (Note: This is just an example, not an endorsement).

2. Start the bot and follow the registration process.

3. Link your Hamster Coin wallet by following the bot's instructions.

4. Use the commands provided by the bot to send or receive Hamster Coins.


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